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Career paths

Read below what Pinja’s employees say about their work!

Digital business

Career stories of our software business professionals

Heikki-Jussi Niemi, Software Developer

“I am a member of the DevOps core team, in which I can also influence internal technical company policies.”

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Eerik Kuoppala, System Specialist

“Beside my other duties, I am responsible for the maintenance and development of Google Cloud in Pinja’s own and the customers’ environments.”

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Heta Antila, Service Desk Specialist

“I am involved in creating new processes and improving operating procedures, also including product development. Remote work started when I was given the possibility to move to Mikkeli.”

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Ismo Tolonen, Project Manager

“My duties sometimes also included coding and selling. Today, I wear four different hats: I am a project manager, product owner, HR supervisor and office coordinator.”

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Eemeli Niemelä, BI Consultant

“In this job, I work more closely with customers. In addition to BI training sessions, I design and implement BI reporting solutions to customers.”

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Industrial engineering

Career stories of our industrial engineering professionals

Sonja Rantanen, Junior Designer

“On some days, I draw PI diagrams with AutoCAD, and on others, I perform equipment dimensioning or prepare a regulatory application.”

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Olli Ekberg, Design Engineer

“I work at Pinja as a design engineer and project manager responsible for plant engineering projects. Normally, my daily work includes a lot of communication with customers.”

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Lassi Jääskeläinen, Project Manager, Engineering Services

“My job as a project manager was tailored to also include selling and quality matters; in addition, I work as a link to corporate-wide development.”

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Elina Mikkonen, Office Assistant

“I assist in payroll computation, perform tasks related to purchase and sales invoices and project work hour reporting, and I also plan and organize employee events.”

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Timo Takkinen, Department Manager

“My work includes office administration responsibilities, but I also run projects related to structural design of industrial plants, etc.”

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Career stories of our automation professionals

Iida Vaara, Junior Automation Designer

“I am mainly involved in electrical design engineering, but our team also works in close cooperation with automation.”

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Hannu Virta, Lead Engineer

“I solve issues arising in engineering design together with design engineers and assist sales in quotation calculation and technical specifications.”

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Ville Kangastupa, Design Engineer

“I am involved in the overall design of automation and PLC systems and perform automation system startups in customer environments.”

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Pekka Kesseli, Project Engineer

“My job is mainly related to the development and maintenance of industrial control room software. I have created a few remote-controlled control rooms to our customers.”

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Comments from Pinja’s employees

The workplace culture is good, open, with a sense of humor, inclusive, honest

We arrange common activities, such as boardgame nights

The best thing is versatility; you could even learn coding, just by accident

Flexible working hours are a great thing

We have really good employee benefits and a positive approach to working together

There is always someone who can help

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