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Career path – Pekka Kesseli

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Pinja's people cooperate across boundaries

That you can work here independently is an important thing to me. Our Vaasa office is relatively small employing six persons with each of us having our own special skills. My job is mainly related to the development and maintenance of industrial control room software.

Recently, I have been given new challenges, which I was longing for. I have completed a few remote-controlled control rooms to our customers. My normal workday includes communication with customers. Many times, they call me to inform that there is something to add or correct in the software.

Today, we cooperate across boundaries, which helps balance the work load. In addition to my workmates, I value good employee benefits for leisure time and health care.

The best thing in my job is a modern approach and the desire to develop!


My career path

Achievements to date

Programming work inherited from the father

I was interested in technology already when I started senior high school and, around that time, I also started working with computers. When my father died, I inherited the development of an invoicing program created by him. I still work on it in the evenings, and one of my cousins uses it.

Technical college interrupted but a job was found

I studied information technology for a few years at the Vaasa University of Applied Sciences, but my studies were interrupted because I didn’t find a suitable internship. Some years later, I was employed by Avecon to carry out versatile computer works. I gained programming experience in Visual Basic, SQL and BHP.

Employed by Pinja to create control room software

I had finally graduated as an engineer alongside work when my employer company went bankrupt. In June of that year, Pinja’s Vaasa office was established and I was recruited there. Old customers also came along, for whom I started to create control room software under the job title of Design Engineer. It was new to me at that time, but I was familiar with reporting and data collection.

A database course gives good lessons

I attended a database course that was organized in Jyväskylä by Pinja. A week’s course deepened my knowledge considerably. More courses of this type should be made available.

Wärtsilä becomes a large employer

We started to work for Wärtsilä, implementing first a data collection system for motors. We are still on the same road; today, we are creating them a control room for operators’ use. It is nice to work with a familiar customer.

Work across office boundaries as Project Engineer

My area of responsibility has grown over the years and today my job title is Project Engineer. Since we all belong to one automation department, tasks may come from the Jyväskylä or the Tampere office, for example. This has changed work in a good way: all have a suitable amount of work and we can find the best expert to a certain task.

We form a modern workplace and are developing in a good direction!

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