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Career path – Lassi Jääskeläinen

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My name is Lassi and I may be a slightly strange bird as a project manager in an engineering office. Normally, my colleagues have a strong engineering background whereas I haven’t worked a single day as an actual design engineer. However, I have led many different projects and I know how people should be led.

In my versatile work, in addition to visiting customers, calculating offers and leading projects, I also develop our own activities and create cooperative spirit. You could meet me at various recruitment events, which give a good counterbalance to my daily work.

At Pinja, you are offered excellent possibilities for development as long as you are ready to take on responsibility. I appreciate it that my boss has created me a role in which I can use my own strengths and feel that I am trusted. I enjoy it that I can work freely and do meaningful things.

The best thing in my job is: doing together.

My career path

Achievements to date

Technology and finance

I studied at the Kotka University of Applied Sciences graduating from the master program of Production Economy. While I was not quite sure what would be just the right thing for me, technology, finance and leadership seemed a good combination, which I thought would place me in a good position to do just anything in the future.

A baptism by fire for an engineering student

I got a summer job at BASF Minerals in Kotka, which operates in the chemical industry. Running the entire mill on one’s own during evening shifts was a big thing for a young engineering student. I learnt how a process plant works and how it is operated. Later, I also completed my Master’s Thesis for BASF dealing with preventive maintenance and equipment databases.

University of leadership

After graduating, I was employed in the Nordstream 1 gaspipe project by the French EUPEC, which was responsible for Baltic Sea pipeline logistics and concrete coating in Kotka. Although the international project environment was challenging and demanding, it simultaneously offered a university of working life and leadership. As a team leader, I was in a superior’s role for the first time in my working life and could also experience the responsibilities that it brought along. 

Chemical logistics and maintenance

I got a trainee/operator job at Vopak Chemicals Logistics Finland, which operates in Kotka and Hamina providing storage and logistics for liquid chemicals. At the turn of the year 2012, I moved to Kotka to work as a maintenance engineer. I planned maintenance works and carried out different CAPEX projects.

Maintenance manager and member of the management group

Along with employee changes related to the business acquisition, I was promoted to a maintenance manager, which was also a big personal change to me. As maintenance manager, I had the opportunity to also get to know the management group work, budgeting and international cooperation with colleagues all over the world.

Project manager at Pinja

My job as a project manager was tailored to also include selling and quality matters; in addition, I work as a link to corporate-wide development. At first, the thought of sales work was a bit strange to me, but I have never been afraid of new challenges. As a family man, work-external matters were also at stake.

My boss has created me a role in which I can use my own strengths and feel that I am trusted.

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