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Career path – Elina Mikkonen

Scroll down and discover what an Office Assistant does at Pinja!

Assistant is the Office All-Rounder

As Office Assistant, my job includes all general office duties at Pinja’s Kouvola office. I assist in payroll computation, perform tasks related to purchase and sales invoices, project work hour reporting and travel bookings, and I also plan and organize employee events. In addition, I help in case of problems with the printer or coffee machine; in other words, my duties vary quite a lot.

I belong to the office services team and I like it very much that I can get to know my colleagues who work in different locations. My special responsibility area is occupational health care, which I consider a very important and meaningful responsibility.

Social interaction with workmates is important and it is easy to get along with them. We are planning to organize boardgame nights in our recreational facilities, which are very nice, and there are also sports equipment for active breaks.

The best thing in my job is independent work with varying tasks.


My career path

Achievements to date

Important learning contents for the career

I graduated as Bachelor of Business Administration after my international studies, which included a lot of small group activities. The degree program included basic studies related to business operating environments, financial and HR administration, information technology, etc. All these skills and knowledge have been useful in my work.

Part-time assistant

I heard about an office assistant job at Pinja, applied for it and became selected. At first, I worked part-time spending most time with invoicing. I also assisted in project tasks, for example, delivering documents to customers’ archives. From the beginning, I was involved in planning employee events.

Office grows, work hours increase

We moved to larger premises and, at the same time, I started working full-time. My job included more and more invoicing and collection of accounting materials. I was responsible for paying purchase invoices from the company’s account.

Mastering the new system

As the company grew, I got new workmates and we moved to the commercial building Pohjolatalo located at the centre of Kouvola. My work changed in the sense that we introduced the project management system Parm, which was used for project follow-up, working hour registrations and invoicing.

Digitalization takes in a better direction

Returning to work from maternity leave was now particularly exciting. Again, the workplace had grown but there were still many familiar faces. Now, financial administration was carried out electronically, which improved procedures quite a lot. For example, it was no longer necessary to deliver documents to the accounting firm.

Responsibility for occupational health care of the entire group

The office services team was organized into what it is today and I became a member of the team. We started to take care of office services with a corporate-wide approach. In addition to my responsibility for occupational health care, I participate in meetings, serve as a contact person and deliver information. I had worked as a contact person for occupational health care also previously, and this experience has been a great help.

Social interaction with workmates is important and it is easy to get along with them.

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