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Career path – Eerik Kuoppala

Scroll down and discover what a System Specialist does at Pinja!

Open workplace culture and social events

I have worked at Pinja since 2016 when I started my internship here while studying Information and Communication Technology at the Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences, and here I am still today! I also conducted my thesis research for Pinja with the topic: Data security in the Kubernetes container environment. Today, I am a System Specialist and work at the Tampere office.

As a System Specialist, I maintain and install servers and install other IT services in servers. In addition, my job includes development and automation of IT services. My workdays vary a lot: on some days, I help resolve problems appearing on a customer’s server; on others, I make improvements to the CI pipeline together with the DevOps team.

When working at Pinja, it is nice to go to work! I value our relaxed and open workplace culture and, of course, my workmates and their sense of humor. I also appreciate the fact that supervisors are easily approachable and interaction with them is straightforward. Common events are organized on a regular basis; LAN parties, in particular, have been very nice gatherings.

The best thing in my job is workmates, LANs and a relaxed and cooperative atmosphere!


My career path

Achievements to date

Multimedia conscript in the Armoured Brigade in Parolannummi

My career choice has its roots in my military service period. I completed my service in the Armoured Brigade in Parolannummi serving as a multimedia conscript. My duties included photographing and filming, in which I had earlier experience. I was in two minds about whether or not to enter the media sector after the military service; however, it was video editing that finally made me interested in computers.

Studying Information and Communication Technology

In 2013, after my military service, I started studying Information and Communication Technology at the Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences. I applied to the university already during the service. My specialist options were data security and cloud services.

Internship at Pinja

During my internship, my duties included comparison of wireless network devices in view of new equipment procurement to the company, as well as server maintenance. In addition, I was a member of the DevOps team building a CI/CD environment on top of the Kubernetes container environment.

Graduating alongside work

As a natural continuation of the internship, I conducted my thesis research for Pinja. I was also employed by Pinja at the same time. The topic of my thesis was Data security in the Kubernetes container environment. I studied the facts that need be considered in the Kubernetes environment, established test environments and tested different data security tools. In addition, I studied tools designed for scanning Docker images. At the end of 2017, I graduated as Bachelor of Engineering, Information and Communication Technology.

Permanent job at Pinja as a System Specialist

In 2018, I was employed by Pinja in a permanent job as a System Specialist. So far, I had worked at the Jyväskylä office but in the summer of 2018, I moved back to my place of domicile, Tampere. Changing office went easily! I was mainly involved in the maintenance and development of Pinja’s own and the customers’ Google Cloud environments. In addition, I familiarized myself with a data security scanning tool, which I also tested in practice.

Google Professional Cloud Architect certification

Today, alongside my other duties, I am responsible for the maintenance and development of Google Cloud in Pinja’s and customers environments. I like very much to work on the Google cloud service. Obtaining the Google Professional Cloud Architect certification was a nice experience of a successful achievement! This certificate verifies that you master Google Cloud products and their use in building an architecture. The certification exam includes a lot of theory but also practical activities.

At LAN parties, you can spend time with other people engaged in a common activity!

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