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Career path – Eemeli Niemelä

Scroll down and discover what a Business Intelligence Consultant does at Pinja!

A coding engineer changed to a trainer at Pinja

My name is Eemeli and I work at Pinja’s Oulu office as a Business Intelligence Consultant. I started here as a software developer and changed to my new role at the turn of 2020.

Training customers in BI is a new area in my job. It feels natural because I like to interact with people. On visual reports, customers can monitor the development of turnover with relation to targets, etc.

At Pinja, we have a positive cooperative spirit and a real sense of everyone pulling together. You don’t always have to agree with one another; decisions can still be made together. The work is often independent, but you can always ask a workmate, when needed. When a colleague reviews my code and vice versa, it improves the skills of both of us.

The best thing in my job is a forward-looking atmosphere and a positive attitude to training

My career path

Achievements to date

Information networks and startups

I started a study program in Information Networks at the University of Oulu. It seemed just the right thing to me, because it involved interaction with both people and technologies. In the final stage of my studies, I developed software for a startup company. I still use AWS cloud services, Git version management and Continuous Integration in my work.

A cloud service for data collected by ice-breakers

I was employed as a temporary research assistant by the University of Oulu. I implemented a cloud-based storage platform for measurement data collected by an ice-breaker. I had also planned to complete my Master's Thesis on the topic but it turned out that there was enough time only for the practical implementation of the system.

Front-End Developer at Pinja

Upon termination of my employment at the university, I noticed that Pinja was looking for a software developer. Straight away, I joined a team which was developing service booking systems for car dealers’ customers. I could quickly take up new projects, since I was already familiar with the web technologies used: jQuery and Angular, Python and Java.

From a Front-End to a Full-Stack Developer

I started to work on a new project in which my role also included a lot of backend implementation and design of database architecture. Technologies changed to Oracle and MongoDB databases with Visual Basic, C# and Python on the backend side. On the frontend side, I used the familiar HTML, CSS and Angular.js. After the orientation training, I was personally in charge of further project development for some time on my own.

Scrum Master certification and a bigger role

I got one teammate and later more of them. This is how I became a “Senior Developer”. At some stage during the years 2016 and 2017, I became a Scrum Master or technical project manager. Pinja offered me a two-day course to become a Certified Scrum Master. 


New challenges as a BI trainer

My newest job title is Business Intelligence Consultant and in this position, I collaborate more with customers compared to my previous job. In addition to BI training sessions, I design and implement BI reporting solutions to customers. While tools and techniques differ from those used in software development, you will get your hands dirty in this job, too, going deep into the data!

You don’t always have to agree with one another; decisions can still be made together.

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